Fruits + Vegetables Contest

Fruits & Vegetables

Best Of Show – Prize $25
Best of Show Fruits – $25
Best of Show Vegetables – $25


80-1Best Display Vegetables (variety & quality)$50
80-2Best Plate Red Potatoes$10
80-3Best Plate White Potatoes$10
80-4Best Plate Sweet Potatoes$10
80-5Largest Potato (any variety)$10
80-6Best Pumpkin$10
80-7Largest Pumpkin (by weight)$100
80-8Best 3 Summer Squashes (yellow or white)$10
80-9Best 3 Winter Squashes (butternut or acorn)$10
80-10Best 3 Squashes (zucchini)$10
80-11Largest Squash$10
80-12Largest Cantaloupe$10
80-13Best Watermelons (note singular)$10
80-14Largest Watermelon$10
80-15Best Plate Green Pod Beans$10
80-16Best Plate Yellow Pod Beans$10
80-17Best Plate Lima Beans (not shelled)$10
80-18Best Plate Beets$10
80-19Best Cabbage$10
80-20Largest Cabbage$10
80-21Best Plate Cucumbers$10
80-22Best Egg Plant$10
80-23Best Plate Sweet Corn$10
80-25Best Plate White Onions$10
80-26Best Plate Yellow Onions$10
80-27Best Display Gourds (2 of each variety)$10
80-28Best Plate Red Standard Tomatoes$10
80-29Best Plate Yellow Tomatoes$10
80-30Best Plate Hybrid Tomatoes$10
80-31Best Plate Novelty Tomatoes$10
80-32Largest Tomato$10
80-33Best Tomato Display (assorted varieties)$10
80-34Best Plate Green Bell Peppers$10
80-35Best Plate Yellow Bell Peppers (sweet or hot)$10
80-36Best Plate All other varieties Bell Peppers$10
80-37Best Plate Peppers (sweet or hot)$10
80-38Best Plate of Carrots$10
80-39Largest Sunflower$10
80-40Best Plate of Broccoli$10

Fruit (Bring 5 of each)

90-6Best Display Apples (Judged on variety & quality)$10
90-7Best Plate Peaches$10
90-9Best Plate Pears$10
90-10Best Plate Plums$10
90-11Best Plate Grapes$10