Harvest Home Fair

4-H Livestock Exhibits & Auction

4-H is a program of The Ohio State University Extension

This program offers non-formal educational youth development programs to individuals age 5 to 18. Youth are involved in hands-on, experiential learning that allows learning by doing. All 4-H programs focus on active involvement and quality experiences which stimulate lifelong learning of values and skills. For more information about Hamilton County 4-H programs, visit www.hamilton.osu.edu.

All 4-H Livestock Entries must be the Exhibits of current Hamilton County 4-H Members

All 4-H livestock must be in place by 9:00 p.m. Thursday and must be accompanied by a health certificate indicating that the livestock is free of any communicable disease. Livestock exhibits will be released at 8:00 p.m. Sunday.

Volunteering to Help with 4-H Events

Please click here to sign up online as a volunteer.

4-H Event Schedule


5:00 pm - 11:00 pmEducation Zone / water and candy area open - Sell Cow Chip Bingo plates
6:00 pmSpecial Interest demos/STEM activities throughout evening
7:00 pm4-H Dog Exhibition
9:00 pmSheep Shearing Demonstration


12:00 pm - 11:00 pmEducation Zone / water and candy area open - Sell Cow Chip Bingo plates
2:00 pmSpecial interest demos / STEM activities throughout the day
3:00 pmLivestock Show (Goats, Sheep, and Swine, and order)
4:30 pmSheep Shearing Demonstration
5:30 pmCow Chip Bingo
6:30 pmLivestock Auction
8:00 pmAnimal Demonstration
8:30 pmSheep Shearing Demonstration


12:00 pm - 10:00pmEducation Zone / water and candy area open
1:00 pmRabbit Show
2:00 pmPoultry Show
4:00 pmPet Show
8:30 pmMarket animal load out (Tentative - might need to be earlier re: hauler)
9:30 pmAnimal release

4-H Youth Displays Still Exhibits

This year's petting farm will again feature a BABY CHICK HATCHERY.

4-H Livestock Sale

6:30 p.m. Saturday
4-H Market Livestock (Steers, Market Lambs and Market Hogs) will be sold by auction.

Everyone is welcome to purchase an animal. Custom slaughtering and packing services are available. *Chuck Johnson - Auctioneer.

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