General Exhibits


Exhibition Rules

  1. Signups for the show will take place Thursday 8:00am and 9:00pm in the general exhibit area.
  2. All articles for competition must be entered between 8:00am and 9:00pm on Thursday. Exhibits not entered by that time will be excluded from competition.
  3. All exhibits must remain in place until 7:00pm on Sunday (with pick up between 7:00pm-8:00pm).
  4. Entries must bear the owner’s name and the class in which they are entered.
  5. Entries must be made in the name of the real owner and change of ownership during the Fair will not be recognized.
  6. No unworthy article will be awarded a premium, whether there is competition or not.
  7. No premium shall be given unless properly certified by the Secretary.
  8. All awards will be indicated by ribbon or card.
  9. A blue ribbon denotes first premium, a red ribbon second premium, and a white ribbon third premium.
  10. The Fair Committee will take all precautions to safeguard all exhibits but shall not be responsible for any loss, whatsoever.
  11. Expert judges wlll be secured for all divisions and their decisions will be final.
  12. If they are deserving, in the opinion of the judges, outstanding specimens entered in any class will be given Ribbon Awards even if they are not specifically mentioned on the Premium List.
  13. Art work is limited to three entries per entrant.
  14. All art work & photography items must have substantial hooks so they can be hung.