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Junior Fair Livestock Exhibits & Auction

Junior Fair is a program of The Ohio State University Extension

Women holds hatchling chick for guests to pet at the 4-H Junior Livestock Show

This program offers non-formal educational youth development programs to individuals age 5 to 18. Youth are involved in hands-on, experiential learning that allows learning by doing. All Junior Fair programs focus on active involvement and quality experiences which stimulate lifelong learning of values and skills. For more information about Hamilton County Junior Fair programs, visit

All Junior Fair Livestock Entries must be the Exhibits of current Hamilton County Junior Fair Members


Events Schedule!

Friday, September 8th:

     5:00pm - 11:00pm Education Zone

     5:30pm Demonstration or STEM activity

     6:30pm Demonstration or STEM activity

     7:00pm Jr. Fair Dog Exhibition

Saturday, September 9th:

    12:00pm - 11:00pm Education Zone

    12:30pm Demonstration or STEM activity

     2:00pm Demonstration or STEM activity

     3:00pm Livestock Show Exhibition

                     -No competition / No Awards

     5:00pm Livestock Auction

     6:00pm Livestock Chip Bingo

     8:00pm Demonstration or STEM activity

Sunday, September 10th:

     12:00pm - 7:00pm Education Zone

     1:00pm Rabbit Demonstration Show

     2:00pm Poultry Demonstration Show

     3:00pm Pet Show

Pet show flyer.jpg
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