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Flower Show

Annual Flower Show

2022 Flower Show Schedule

Floral display outside the Flower Show

The Harvest Home Flower Show invites you to contribute your gardening efforts and imagination in design for display in the annual Harvest Home Fair Flower Show. This is a wonderful opportunity to represent the beauty of the Westside.

All flower contributions are judged by horticultural experts.  Ribbons and cash prizes are given for best in show.

The Flower Show Theme this year will be announced March 1st.

Flower Show Rules and Instructions

  1. This is a major Flower Show judged by National Garden Club standards and planned by members of Cincinnati District G.C.O., Inc.

  2. All horticulture must have been grown by the exhibitor. Material used in designs need not be grown by exhibitor and must be identified on a card provided by the exhibitor. Designs should not measure over 24" wide and horticulture's maximum length is 20"

  3. Entry tags must be completely filled out.

  4. Specimens shall be exhibited in clear glass bottles with no printing furnished by exhibitor and large enough to support the material. No foliage should be below the waterline.

  5. A collection is 1 stem each of 5 different specimens correctly named in 5 separate contains with 1 entry tag.

  6. Do not oil or treat foliage specimens. No painted or dyed live material is permitted

  7. The Harvest Home Fair Association & the Flower Show committee will not be responsible for loss or damage to containers.

  8. Exhibitor may make more than 1 entry per horticulture class IF each is a different variety, cultivar, type or color.

  9. Cut specimens and house plants must have been in the possession of exhibitor at least 3 months.

  10. All exhibits for the Flower Show (except Junior Class) must be places from 8:00 - 10:45 a.m., Friday. Judging will begin at 12:30pm

Exhibits may be removed Sunday for one hour after the close of the fair, or Monday 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. with your claim check. No exhibits may be removed before the above stated time.

Flower Show Committee

Harvest Home Fair Assoc. Chair
Katie Ewing

Design Chair
Jeri Timon
Judges Study Class

Horticulture Chair
Nancy Fenton
Western Hills Garden Club

Garden Club Invitational Chair
Donna Cefalu
Monfort Heights Garden Club

Junior Chair
Mary Anna Taylor
Western Hills Garden Club


Registration Chair
Kathy Labmeier
Mack Gardens

Judges Luncheon Chairman:
Rita Wall
Western Hills Garden Club

Outdoor Display Compliments of:
Holscher Hackman Garden Center
6088 Harrison Avenue

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