Horse Show

  1. Chin & Apple
  2. Harvest Home Poles (10 & Under)
  3. Youth Poles (18 & Under)
  4. Open Poles
  5. Harvest Home Barrels (10 & Under)
  6. Warm-up
  7. Youth Barrels (18 & Under)
  8. Open Barrels
  9. Flag Race
  10. Dash For Cash
  1. Farm & Pet Pony Halter – 56″ and Under
  2. Open Halter
  3. Showmanship – $100 Added
  4. Lead Line – No Stallions
  5. Walk Trot – 10 & under
    – Break –
  6. W/T Horsemanship No cross entry
  7. Ranch Riding $50 added
  8. Open Walk Trot$50 added
  9. W/T PleasureNo cross entry
  10. Ranch Pleasure
  11. Youth Pleasure – 18 and under
  12. Open Pleasure$100 added
  13. Youth Ranch Pleasure
  14. Harvest Home Costume Class (10 & under)
  15. Stick Horse Races – (Ages 5 & Under / 6-9)

    Harvest Home Fun Classses
    $100 High Point Award for Classes 26-33
    Reduced Entry Fees

  16. Catalog Race
  17. Egg & Spoon
  18. Chin & Apple
  19. Sack Race
  20. The Waterfall
  21. Trotting Barrels
  22. Donut Race
  23. Trot for Cash

Ray Wegman & Family’s Four Belgian Horse Hitch.

Harvest Home Fair Association
P.O BOX 58222
Cincinnati, OH 45211

  1. Egg & Spoon
  2. Chin & Apple
  3. Waterfall Game
  4. Donut Race
    – Break –
  5. Harvest Home Costume Class – 10 & under.
  6. Warm-up Poles.
  7. Harvest Home Poles – 10 & under.
  8. Youth Poles – 18 & under. – $50 added
  9. Open Poles$10 entry – $100 added
  10. Catalog Race
  11. Harvest Home Barrels – 10 & under.
  12. Flag Race
  13. Warm-up Barrels.
  14. Youth Barrels18 & under – $50 added
  15. Open Barrels$10 entry – $100 added
  16. Dash For Cash

$50 Added Money

  • Ranch Riding – Class 17
  • Open Walk/Trot – Class 18
  • Youth Poles – Class 41
  • Youth Barrels – Class 47

$100 Added Money

  • Showmanship – Class 13
  • Open Pleasure – Class 22
  • Fun Classes High Point – Classes 26-33
  • Open Poles – Class 42
  • Open Barrels – Class 48

Major Horse Show Sponsors

  • Spark-Lin Acres
  • Riverwind Stable
  • Rebold-Larkin LLC
  • Carriage House Farm
  • Michelle Skelly-Horel Memorial – Classes 13 & 22

U.S.E.F, A.Q.H.A., and Harvest Home Horse Show Committee Rules

Ring Procedure

Exhibitors are hereby notified that entries will be allowed a maximum of two minutes to enter the ring from the time the first horse enters the ring in classes in which horses compete together. Official timers will be on duty. A starting order will be established in classes in which horses compete individually and a maximum of one minute will be allowed for an entry to enter the ring.


Riders and attendants must be properly attired during all exhibitions and must use required safety equipment. Numbers MUST be displayed while in the ring. No midriffs, cut offs or shorts.


Warm-Up in the ring will be permitted prior to the show. A warm-up area will be available outside the ring for additional time. In order to protect the grounds, we reserve the right to cancel warm-up if inclement weather occurs.

Questions or Disputes

The Horse Show Executive Committee reserves the right to itself, interpret all questions and conditions in regard to, or arising out of, or incident to the show, without claims for damages of recourse of any kind. All questions not covered in these rules and regulations shall be decided by the Horse Show Committee, their decision to be final.

Judge may combine, cancel or split classes if entries warrant.

Any act of discourtesy or disobedience by exhibitors, their riders, drivers, grooms or agents to the JUDGES or OFFICIALS of the Harvest Home Horse Show shall disqualify their entry and the owner shall forfeit their fees and all other charges including any and all prize money which had been won at the the Harvest Home Horse Show. Should the act justify it, the Horse Show Committee shall have the power to disbar the offending individual from further competition and have the entire entry removed from the grounds without being held liable for damages of any kind and this shall be accepted as a condition of entry. No exhibitor shall approach a judge with regard to a decision unless he first obtains permission from the Show Committee or Steward who shall arrange an appointment with the Judge at a proper time and place, under no circumstances whil any session of this show is in progress.


Entrants are required to sign a waiver releasing the Harvest Home Horse Show, the Cheviot-Westwood Kiwanis Club, and other sponsors of this show of any claim for damages which may occur to entrants or their horses. (Section 2305.321 Ohio Revised Code.) Entrants also assume and accept full responsibility for any damages done by the entrant or the entrant’s horse.

Junior Exhibitor

The age of a Junior Exhibitor on January 1st shall be maintained throughout the calendar year.

Arrival and Departure

Exhibitors with horses will use the new wider gate on Homelawn Avenue and, when entering the Fair Grounds will be required to park as instructed by grounds attendants.

Contest Classes

The ride will begin and end inside the ring with the gate closed. There will be no hitting the horse in front of the saddle in the ring. There will be no rerides allowed due to tack breakage.

Note: The Ohio Department of Agriculture requires a Coggins & health certificate for out of state horses.

Premiums and Pay Backs:
Entry Fees $7.00 (Except as specified). NO REFUNDS. Ribbons to 6th place.

7 or less Entries Ribbons Only
8 – 15 Entries $16, $13, $8, $5, R, R
16 – 35 Entries $33, $25, $16, $8, R, R
Over 35 Entries $45, $35, $20, $12, R, R
Medallions Only Classes 2, 5, 15, 40, 44 – $5 entry fee
Harvest Home Costume Classes* 24, 40 – $4 entry fee
* Limit 2 Medallions per entry
Harvest Home Fun Classes 26 thru 33 – $5 entry fee
Stick Horse Race Class 25 – no entry fee

Harvest Home Horse Show Officials

Executive Committee:
Tom Bauman
Karen Billet
Linda & Sparky Claypoole
Wayne & Joyce Cole
Angie Colon
Tim Donovan
Cathy Jacob
Jerry Jacob
Cristy McElroy
Karen & Mike Nailor
Mary & Pete Rebold
Annie & Mark Wegman
Doug Wegman
Ray Wegman

Ringmasters & Stewards:
Bill Anderson
Karen Nailor
Ron Dalesandro

Judge – Sarah Gurgal

Sparky Claypoole

Linda Claypoole