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Homemade Wine & Beer Contest

Over $2000 in General Exhibition Prizes! No Entry Fee!!

Homemade Wines

Homemade Wines must be bottled and corked. One entry per category will be accepted.

Best of Show - $50

Homemade Beers

One entry per category will be accepted.

Best of Show - $50

General Exhibit Rules and Instructions

  1. All articles for competition must be entered between 8:00am and 9:00pm Thursday. Exhibits not entered by that time will be excluded from the competition

    • Baked goods that require refrigeration may be entered Friday morning between 7:30 -8:30am.

  2. All exhibits must remain in place until 7:00pm on Sunday. Pick up between 7:00 - 8:00pm

  3. All artwork & Photography items must have substantial hooks so they can be hung.

  4. Entry limits: one entry per person per category except as indicated below

    • Youth & Adult Artwork is limited to three (3) entries per person per category

    • Adult Photography is limited to two (2) Color and tow (2) Black & White for a maximum of four (4) total entries per person.

    • Wine is limited to one (1) bottle per category with a maximum of 2 bottles per person.

  5. Best Plate categories have a minimum of three (3) items.

  6. All Vegetable and Fruit entries will be placed on a white plated (provided) for judging, except for the Best Display categories

  7. Only volunteers are permitted to place items for display. No exhibitors will enter the tents on Thursday unless an exception has been made by a volunteer.

  8. Expert judges will award the ribbons and their decisions are final. If deserving, in the opinion of the judges, outstanding entries will be awarded a ribbon if they are not specifically mentioned in the premium list.

  9. All awards will be indicated by ribbon. Blue Ribbon 1st place, Red Ribbon 2nd place, White Ribbon 3rd place, Pink Ribbon Honorable Mention.

  10. All exhibit entries must bear the owner's name and category/class in which they are entered.

  11. All exhibit entries must be submitted under the real name of the owner. Any change of ownership during the fair will not be recognized.

  12. No unworthy article will be awarded a premium whether there is competition or not.

  13. No premium shall be given unless properly certified by the Secretary.

  14. The Fair Committee will take all precautions to safeguard all exhibits during the Fair, but shall not be responsible for any loss, whatsoever.

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